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Video from our 2014 VIP Leaders celebration day, a time to celebrate and bless our fantastic volunteers.

Vision: To create a culture of voluntary leadership that builds people's understanding of generosity and equips them with practical skills.


At Epic we are committed to developing our volunteer leaders. We believe that if we want to change the atmosphere in our community, then we need to lead well. We recognize the diverse range of skills and abilities that people bring and we want to celebrate that!

All leaders work to Epic policies, which outline safe practice for working with children and youth in our organization. This includes making them aware of our areas of safety, code of ethics, and code of conduct. All leaders sign a volunteer agreement and are vetted appropriately. Our leaders are also made aware that they are entering into a mentoring relationship themselves, which leads to ongoing reflection.

Currently we have approx 45 regular volunteers involved in the life of Epic.


Staff at Epic are employed to work as a team, facilitate teams of volunteers and develop initiatives that help us achieve our vision. All staff work to a high standard ensuring safe practise, code of ethics, code of conduct are adhered to. Epic provides development and supervision as well as training opportunities to develop the staff's youth practise.



The team culture works to the following dream:

As a team we want to model an environment where we are able to share, communicate and connect through each other's differences, skills and abilities in order to be the best leaders possible and work together.


Current staff at Epic are:

Co-Leader  -

Youth Practice





Co-Leader - Administrator


Youth Worker


Tayla Morris.jpg

Youth Worker


Youth Worker

High School

High School Manager

Reg Social Worker

Isaac polar.jpg

Youth Worker


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