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The Inspire youth team is focused on the implementation of the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council’s youth strategy and the values that support it.

Central Hawke’s Bay young people are supported and valued by being heard and given opportunities within a safe and healthy environment, and by working through the following values:

Opportunity    Connectivity    Self Expression

Whanau          Choice             Creativity

Acceptance    Belonging        Role Modeling

From our research and development the Inspire Team will implement this through IVAN the Caravan (resource trailer).

IVAN is a mobile unit that has been developed and modified in partnership with Connect (Connecting for Youth Development) to be used to increase engagement and presence amongst youth in CHB. 

IVAN through the support of youth workers and teams of young people will provide this in the following ways:

Team: The Inspire Youth Council Team is a team of youth that are committed to the development and implementation of the youth strategy. 

Events: IVAN will both attend and initiate community events throughout the year.


Promotion: Our aim is to help promote the things available to youth in our community, making them more aware of all the opportunities.


Equipping Youth: Inspire's key partner Connect will provide services that will equip youth throughout the week.


Follow IVAN's progress through our Facebook page

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